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Whether you're a keen designer and create beautiful furniture in your free time or you're a full time architect looking for some additional inspiration,

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Discover new brands, solutions and learn from the communities mistakes with our inspiring discussions that help to bring you closer to the industry and the people who are involved.

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Some of Our Latest Inspirations

An inspiring beauty, this modern architecture makes us want to create something new and stunning every time we look at it. #architecture #design #inspiring #beauty #love
It blend in so stunningly well with the city, this is some big architectural eye candy. #inspiring #architecture #design #beauty
So unique, we bet this is a cosy place for anyone to stay and be connected with nature. #architecture #design #beauty #inspire
Isn't this the most beautiful building you have seen? Although just a concept design, we can wait for something like this to be built in the future. #architecture #inspire #inspiring #beautiful

Key Members

Ajit – CEO


Ajit or AJ is the founder of 'Architecture System'. He originally created the website with a passion for Architecture, he was simply in love with every aspect of it. Whilst not being an Architect himself, he still appreciates a beautiful building when he sees one and this is what drives him into creating such great content for this site.
Nicole – Lead Content Creator


Lead Content Creator
Having grown up with Ajit for many years, Nicole was brought into the company from day one due to her vast knowledge of the Architecture and design industry as well as having and motivation to create high quality work on something that she is so passionate about. A great asset to any business you can clearly see why she is the Lead Content Creator here at Architecture System.
Tim – Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager
Tim is the marketing manager at Architecture Systems. You most probably wouldn't have found this great website if it wasn't for Tim as he focuses on getting the right content out their for our readers and followers, making sure that we satisfy their needs as well as other potential readers. Another key role Tim plays is finding the right people to feature on the website, whether that's writing enthusiasts or up and coming Architectures he plays a key part in the success of Architecture System.

Latest Projects

steel trellis - wall section
Bob Borson - trellis concept skecth
Modern House Drawings Bob Borson A201
Cabin Elevations
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